Always use a Car Accident Attorney

Always use a Car Accident Attorney – you have a better outcome

Car accidents have become very prevalent in our society as the number of vehicles on the road continues to rise each year. The human population in the United States alone has grown exponentially throughout the last several decades and this has brought a large increase in the number of cars seen on the highways and roads. Due to the natural congestion and higher speeds that vehicles can sustain on roads, there has also been an increase in the number of car accidents seen throughout the country. Luckily, cars have become safer with new inventions and innovations that prevent the occupants from getting injured in the even of an accident. Even with the advent of such safety measures, there are thousands of people who are involved in car accidents every year and there is still a large number of fatalities. The Department of Transportation has reported that there were 32,788 fatalities associated with motor vehicular accidents in 2011, which is actually a 25 percent drop since 2005. While the overall trend shows that there are less fatal car accidents, there are still hundreds of thousands of car accidents every year that cause personal injury or property accident attorneys

Minor Motor Vehicle Accidents

This is where car accident attorneys become very important for people who have been involved in a crash. After you have had a car accident, a lawyer or attorney will be able to help fight for your rights to claim all of the benefits that you are entitled to. If you are the driver at fault, a car accident attorney will also be able to defend you properly to make sure that your rights are not taken advantage of. For many less serious fender benders, it may not be necessary for personal injury lawyers to become involved. Generally, the two drivers can work out an agreement with the help of the responding police officers and their insurance companies so that the damage will be fixed and everyone can continue on their way. The cars may only have slight damage and the occupants will be in good health, without any serious problems caused by the accident. While it may not be a pleasant experience for either parties, minor auto accidents can often be resolved quickly and without the need for a car accident attorney.

Serious Car Accidents Require Legal Advice

However, more serious vehicular accidents often require the input of a trained car accident lawyer. Car accidents have been proven to be the number one cause of unnecessary death in the United States, which means that a large number of people will end up suing the other parties involved and bringing their case to court. In the event that you are involved in a serious car accident that either disables or kills any occupants, it is possible to bring your case to court using a car accident attorney. They will be able to review your case and details of your accident to help prove that the car accident was not your fault and that you deserve monetary compensation. Without the aid of a trained legal adviser, such as a car accident lawyer, it will be difficult to prove your case to a jury and win a verdict. Accident attorneys have the skills needed to help win your case or at least get it settled out of court, making a painful car accident much easier. Monetary compensation will never bring back your loved one that was killed in the car crash, but an attorney will be able to make your life easier to move on with your life.
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Of course, if you happen to be the cause of a serious accident that caused another driver, passenger, or bystander to become injured or killed, you will also need legal advice from a vehicle accident attorney. You can be certain that the other parties involved will want to press charges in order to get all of the justice they feel they deserve. Car accident lawyers will be able to represent you fairly and help show a jury or judge why you should not be held responsible for the full set of actions that happened. Many times, a good car crash attorney will be able to reduce the sentence or fines to only a fraction of what the prosecution demanded. Even if you are not entirely at fault, the other people involved may try to take advantage of you, making it important to be properly represented with a lawyer.

Occasionally, it is difficult to immediately tell whose fault it was that caused the car accident and this is when lawyer becomes especially important. In a small vehicle accident, the policemen responding to the accident will be able to use their basic deductive skills and knowledge of the traffic laws to determine who is at fault. This will get recorded and relayed to the proper insurance companies of the responsible parties so that the damages can be covered. If the accident is much more serious, such as involving a death or serious injury, a deeper investigation is needed to determine exactly the cause of the accident. The police officers will have to take pictures of the scene, take measurements of where the cars came to rest, and collect as much evidence as possible. The case will then be escalated to the proper legal authorities who will fully investigate the case and determine the cause of the accident and who is at fault.

How it Works

Every party involved in the car accident will need to hire an attorney and they will be responsible for representing their client in the court of law. Generally, there will be a prosecuting side and a defense side, with the prosecutors pressing charges against the other parties. It is the job of the prosecuting accident attorneys to build a case against the other people to concretely prove that they caused the accident and should be held responsible, either through fines or jail time. On the other hand, the defense lawyers serve to defend their clients that are being accused of causing the car accident and prove they they did not cause the problem. There have been cases where the prosecutor has actually been at fault and the defense has proven that their client did not do anything wrong. Even if the defendant is guilty, car accident lawyers can help to reduce the sentence and make their fines more manageable. car accident lawyers

Accident lawyers will often hire expert witnesses to analyze the crash and testify in court about who caused the vehicle accident. Expert witnesses are often professional engineers who have years of experience analyzing accident scenes and determining the cause of the collision. They can look at tire marks, surveillance cameras, traffic light timing, and the angle of the cars after they have come to rest to determine how fast they were traveling and where they were coming from. Forensic engineers can be extremely helpful to car accident attorneys because they can prove or disprove a theory using scientific facts. Often times, the evidence presented by these expert witnesses is able to either convict or free the defendants.

Once both sides have analyzed the data and evidence, they will present their findings in a preliminary hearing to determine if the case is suitable for a full civil or criminal court case. The prosecuting attorneys will present evidence trying to prove that the defendant caused the car accident and they they should either pay a certain amount of money or be sentenced to jail or some other form of punishment. The defending car accident lawyers will then present evidence showing that their client is not at fault and that they should not be held accountable. The judge will then decide if the case will be thrown out or taken to a higher level, but more serious cases that involve death or serious injury will usually be escalated to the next level.

As an alternative, some cases are settled before they go to court. Settling means that the attorneys from both sides discuss their evidence and agree to certain terms on behalf of their clients without the need to go through extensive court hearings. Going to trial is often a long and arduous event that is also very expensive. If one side concedes that the accident was their fault, or the evidence is overwhelming and there would be no way to get out of it, the two parties may settle out of court. This generally ends with the defendant giving the prosecutors a certain amount of money to pay for the damages from the car accident, but this allows them to avoid the hassle of going through full court proceedings.

Where to Find Car Accident Lawyers

When you are looking for a car accident attorney, you will want to find one that is in your area and is easily accessible. Lawyers and attorneys are generally quite expensive, but can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost lawsuits and can drastically affect the outcome of any civil or criminal suit. It is recommended that everyone find an accident attorney after they have been in a serious car accident in order to protect their assets and family. And, if you have been severely injured in an accident, personal injury lawyers can help to get you the justice that you deserve.

Some attorneys work on a wide variety of legal cases and are able to represent you in any case that you need, whether it is a foreclosure, divorce, or car accident. These lawyers are generally easier to find and there may be several in your area that will be able to help you. While these attorneys will be able to help navigate through the legal tape, it is usually better to find a lawyer that specializes just in car accident cases. These car accident attorneys work on car crash cases regularly and know all of the details involved with winning a case. They may also have special knowledge of accidents and have extra resources to call on if the case is especially difficult.

When hiring a lawyer, it is best to look online or use the Yellow Pages in your local area to find a car accident lawyer that will properly represent you. If there are several law offices in your area, feel free to shop around to find the attorney that best fits with your personality. It is important to find someone that you can work closely with for an extended period of time at a reasonable price.

Car Accident Attorneys


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Rear End Collision Injury Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been injured in a rear-end collision?

Rear-end accidents are a common phenomenon in San Antonio due largely in part to the relentless stop-and-go traffic we experience here. These types of automobile accidents often result in traumatic injuries. This is largely due to the fact that most active safety features in passenger cars are engineered to protect in a frontal collision. There really is little more than seat cushions and your car’s rear bumper/ crumple zones to insulate you from a violent impact.Whiplash

Most rear-end collisions result in whiplash. As you are probably aware, whiplash is a term used to describe the trauma the body endures when a force is abruptly applied from behind, whereby the body is propelled forward, but the head lags behind due to inertia. This puts tremendous strain on the victim’s neck and causes muscle damage. Insurance adjusters are very aggressive toward rear-end accident victims during the claims process.Why are the adjusters so aggressive in read-end-collisions?
In frontal collisions, a motorist is afforded more safety features working in their favor, however, it is still very common for the victim to make contact with interior panels, glass, etc. However, in a rear end collision, the primary contact made is with the seat. While that is certainly beneficial to some degree or another in terms of overall damage sustained, the types of injuries that result from rear-end collisions are trickier to prove up because there is less visible bruising and abrasions. In other words, the lack of broken bones, cuts, and other obvious ailments that are common in a frontal collision are not usually present in a rear-end collision, which gives the insurance company the ability to cast doubt on the extent of your injuries.

shutterstock_113853025-300x300An insurance adjuster’s favorite argument is that the victim is exaggerating their injuries. The trickiest injuries to prove are soft tissue injuries, which happen to be a common byproduct of these types of accidents. Unfortunately, soft tissue injuries were once exploited by insurance scammers en masse, which resulted in a natural skepticism within the industry that you will have to deal with. It’s not fair to you, but that’s just how it is.

The good news is, for the past 20 years the San Antonio Car Accident Attorneys have helped thousands of Texas car and truck accident injury victims get fair compensation for their injuries. We partner with respected medical professionals to validate the full extent of your injuries which drastically increases the likelihood that you will receive fair compensation.Practice Areas: Car Accidents – Trucking Accidents – On the Job Injuries – Wrongful Death – Construciton Accidents – Boating Accidents – Premises Liability

The San Antonio personal injury attorneys of our Firm have provided the information on this site to help inform the public about the potential application of civil law to certain situations. The information contained in on this website is not intended to help an individual make important legal decisions. An individual should only make a decision related to a legal case after consulting with an experienced and licensed attorney. Do not make any legal decisions based on information found on this or any other websites. Furthermore, laws and statutes change on a regular basis and information or results mentioned on this website may be based on laws or statutes that are no longer current. Additionally, every case is slightly different and will have its own subtleties and variations, and every case is subject to subtleties imparted by way of nuances imposed by the jurisdiction in which the case takes place and other outside factors such as preexisting agreements including binding arbitration,waivers, insurance coverage stipulations and policy terms, etc.

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Judge won’t pause civil suit in Georgia gym death for feds

judgeBy The Associated Press

VALDOSTA, Ga. (AP) — A judge rejected the Justice Department’s request to temporarily halt evidence-gathering in a civil lawsuit by the parents of a Georgia teenager found dead at school in a rolled up gym mat.

Classmates found the body of 16-year-old Kendrick Johnson of Valdosta inside an upright mat propped against the gym wall at Lowndes High School in January 2013. Sheriff’s investigators concluded the teenager died in a freak accident. His parents have filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit accusing two brothers of killing their son and authorities of covering up the crime.

Medical-malpractice1Federal prosecutors launched an investigation two years ago, but announced no findings. Justice Department attorney James Bennett told a Superior Court judge Wednesday there is still “an active grand jury investigation” into Johnson’s death. He asked for a delay of six months in the civil proceedings to prevent attorneys from questioning witnesses who are part of the federal investigation, WSB-TV reported (

“The release of evidence from the criminal investigation at this juncture will seriously jeopardize the federal investigation,” Bennett said.

Judge J. Richard Porter, who is presiding over the civil case, refused to put the lawsuit on hold. He said it would be improper, considering that no criminal charges have been filed, The Valdosta Daily Times reported (

“This investigation has been going on for two years, and there is no indictment,” the judge said.

Attorneys in the civil lawsuits have already questioned Johnson’s parents and other witnesses under oath, despite the Justice Department’s pending request to halt those interviews.

Tim Tanner, an attorney for Valdosta city officials accused in the civil suit, in court Wednesday presented an excerpt from the deposition of Kenneth Johnson, the dead teenager’s father.

During the interview, when pressed to say what evidence he had that the accused brothers killed his son, Kenneth Johnson said: “The evidence that I have at this time, I do not have any at this time.”

The Associated Press is not naming the brothers accused by Johnson’s parents because they have not been charged with any crimes.