So Many Different Kinds of Car Accidents

So Many Different Kinds of Car Accidents

There are many different causes for car accidents, each of which are likely to lead to a variety of injuries. Some of the most common car accidents that occur include:

Rear Impact: If you hit someone from behind, or are hit from behind, you have been involved in a rear impact accident. Most often this occurs because someone has failed to brake in time, resulting in either a tap or a more significant rear impact accident. Nearly 30 percent of all car accidents in the U.S. are rear-impact collisions. When a rear impact collision occurs, the driver in the back is usually responsible because laws mandate that you drive a safe distance from the vehicle in front of accident attorney

Side Impact: If you are hit in the side of your vehicle, you have experienced a side impact crash. Side impact accidents can happen when you “T-bone” another vehicle, meaning the front of your vehicle crashes into the side of another. You can also sideswipe another car by bumping into its side while changing lanes. Nearly 29 percent of all U.S. accidents are side-impact collisions. Proving fault often becomes an issue here- it can be hard to know which driver was in the wrong. A good car accident lawyer can help you collect photographic evidence of the scene or will hire an expert in accident reconstruction to act as your witness and to help you prove the fault of the other party.

Head-on Collision: If you hit another car front first, or if you hit a non-moving object with the front of your car, you have been involved in a head-on collision. Head-on collisions happen often when a driver falls asleep and slips into oncoming traffic. Other ways head-on collisions occur are where the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, gets onto a freeway or a one-way street in the wrong direction, or loses control of their vehicle and skids into an oncoming lane. These accidents account for 2 percent of all U.S. collisions. The driver who was going the wrong way or who was drunk or asleep is generally at fault.

Rollover: If your car flips over in any way, or lands on its side, you have been involved in a rollover. Taller vehicles, like SUV’s and trucks, are more likely to experience rollovers than smaller cars. Nearly 2 percent of all accidents in the U.S. are rollovers. In some rollover accidents, you may be able to hold the manufacturer of the car responsible for a poor design or defects.

Runoff: These accidents usually involve only one car running off the road. This can happen when a driver is not paying attention, or swerves to avoid another vehicle or animal in the road. Runoffs account for 16 percent of all U.S. accidents. If you run off the road, you usually have no one to blame but yourself – unless another vehicle illegally got in your way or there was a problem with the road itself.

How an Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

No matter what the specific cause of your car or truck accident injuries, a car accident attorney can help you prove fault and collect the damages you deserve.

Attorneys can be particularly helpful when injuries like whiplash or injuries involving hospitalization are involved. Car insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible, and an attorney can help you gather evidence and protect your rights by dealing directly with your insurer or by helping you to file a car accident lawsuit.

Car Accidents Overview – Attorneys and Law

Almost everyone will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. While hopefully your auto accident won’t cause serious car accident injuries, car accidents can have potentially serious and even fatal consequences. An auto accident can also give rise to liability – you may be able to sue the driver who caused the accident. As such, it is useful to learn more about motor vehicle accidents, vehicle accident lawsuits and how an accident attorney can help.personal injury lawyers

How Common Are Car Accidents?

The statistics governing car accidents are somewhat alarming:

More than 6 million motor vehicle accidents occur in the U.S. every year.
Car accidents kill one person every 12 minutes, and injure someone every 14 seconds in the U.S. – many of these cases give rise to car accident claims either for wrongful death or car accident injuries
Motor vehicle accidents kill over 40.000 people every year in U.S., and they are the primary cause of death for people from ages 2 to 34
About 2,000 children die as a result of car accidents every year, and over 250,000 are injured in accidents

Always use a Car Accident Attorney

Always use a Car Accident Attorney – you have a better outcome

Car accidents have become very prevalent in our society as the number of vehicles on the road continues to rise each year. The human population in the United States alone has grown exponentially throughout the last several decades and this has brought a large increase in the number of cars seen on the highways and roads. Due to the natural congestion and higher speeds that vehicles can sustain on roads, there has also been an increase in the number of car accidents seen throughout the country. Luckily, cars have become safer with new inventions and innovations that prevent the occupants from getting injured in the even of an accident. Even with the advent of such safety measures, there are thousands of people who are involved in car accidents every year and there is still a large number of fatalities. The Department of Transportation has reported that there were 32,788 fatalities associated with motor vehicular accidents in 2011, which is actually a 25 percent drop since 2005. While the overall trend shows that there are less fatal car accidents, there are still hundreds of thousands of car accidents every year that cause personal injury or property accident attorneys

Minor Motor Vehicle Accidents

This is where car accident attorneys become very important for people who have been involved in a crash. After you have had a car accident, a lawyer or attorney will be able to help fight for your rights to claim all of the benefits that you are entitled to. If you are the driver at fault, a car accident attorney will also be able to defend you properly to make sure that your rights are not taken advantage of. For many less serious fender benders, it may not be necessary for personal injury lawyers to become involved. Generally, the two drivers can work out an agreement with the help of the responding police officers and their insurance companies so that the damage will be fixed and everyone can continue on their way. The cars may only have slight damage and the occupants will be in good health, without any serious problems caused by the accident. While it may not be a pleasant experience for either parties, minor auto accidents can often be resolved quickly and without the need for a car accident attorney.

Serious Car Accidents Require Legal Advice

However, more serious vehicular accidents often require the input of a trained car accident lawyer. Car accidents have been proven to be the number one cause of unnecessary death in the United States, which means that a large number of people will end up suing the other parties involved and bringing their case to court. In the event that you are involved in a serious car accident that either disables or kills any occupants, it is possible to bring your case to court using a car accident attorney. They will be able to review your case and details of your accident to help prove that the car accident was not your fault and that you deserve monetary compensation. Without the aid of a trained legal adviser, such as a car accident lawyer, it will be difficult to prove your case to a jury and win a verdict. Accident attorneys have the skills needed to help win your case or at least get it settled out of court, making a painful car accident much easier. Monetary compensation will never bring back your loved one that was killed in the car crash, but an attorney will be able to make your life easier to move on with your life.
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Of course, if you happen to be the cause of a serious accident that caused another driver, passenger, or bystander to become injured or killed, you will also need legal advice from a vehicle accident attorney. You can be certain that the other parties involved will want to press charges in order to get all of the justice they feel they deserve. Car accident lawyers will be able to represent you fairly and help show a jury or judge why you should not be held responsible for the full set of actions that happened. Many times, a good car crash attorney will be able to reduce the sentence or fines to only a fraction of what the prosecution demanded. Even if you are not entirely at fault, the other people involved may try to take advantage of you, making it important to be properly represented with a lawyer.

Occasionally, it is difficult to immediately tell whose fault it was that caused the car accident and this is when lawyer becomes especially important. In a small vehicle accident, the policemen responding to the accident will be able to use their basic deductive skills and knowledge of the traffic laws to determine who is at fault. This will get recorded and relayed to the proper insurance companies of the responsible parties so that the damages can be covered. If the accident is much more serious, such as involving a death or serious injury, a deeper investigation is needed to determine exactly the cause of the accident. The police officers will have to take pictures of the scene, take measurements of where the cars came to rest, and collect as much evidence as possible. The case will then be escalated to the proper legal authorities who will fully investigate the case and determine the cause of the accident and who is at fault.

How it Works

Every party involved in the car accident will need to hire an attorney and they will be responsible for representing their client in the court of law. Generally, there will be a prosecuting side and a defense side, with the prosecutors pressing charges against the other parties. It is the job of the prosecuting accident attorneys to build a case against the other people to concretely prove that they caused the accident and should be held responsible, either through fines or jail time. On the other hand, the defense lawyers serve to defend their clients that are being accused of causing the car accident and prove they they did not cause the problem. There have been cases where the prosecutor has actually been at fault and the defense has proven that their client did not do anything wrong. Even if the defendant is guilty, car accident lawyers can help to reduce the sentence and make their fines more manageable. car accident lawyers

Accident lawyers will often hire expert witnesses to analyze the crash and testify in court about who caused the vehicle accident. Expert witnesses are often professional engineers who have years of experience analyzing accident scenes and determining the cause of the collision. They can look at tire marks, surveillance cameras, traffic light timing, and the angle of the cars after they have come to rest to determine how fast they were traveling and where they were coming from. Forensic engineers can be extremely helpful to car accident attorneys because they can prove or disprove a theory using scientific facts. Often times, the evidence presented by these expert witnesses is able to either convict or free the defendants.

Once both sides have analyzed the data and evidence, they will present their findings in a preliminary hearing to determine if the case is suitable for a full civil or criminal court case. The prosecuting attorneys will present evidence trying to prove that the defendant caused the car accident and they they should either pay a certain amount of money or be sentenced to jail or some other form of punishment. The defending car accident lawyers will then present evidence showing that their client is not at fault and that they should not be held accountable. The judge will then decide if the case will be thrown out or taken to a higher level, but more serious cases that involve death or serious injury will usually be escalated to the next level.

As an alternative, some cases are settled before they go to court. Settling means that the attorneys from both sides discuss their evidence and agree to certain terms on behalf of their clients without the need to go through extensive court hearings. Going to trial is often a long and arduous event that is also very expensive. If one side concedes that the accident was their fault, or the evidence is overwhelming and there would be no way to get out of it, the two parties may settle out of court. This generally ends with the defendant giving the prosecutors a certain amount of money to pay for the damages from the car accident, but this allows them to avoid the hassle of going through full court proceedings.

Where to Find Car Accident Lawyers

When you are looking for a car accident attorney, you will want to find one that is in your area and is easily accessible. Lawyers and attorneys are generally quite expensive, but can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost lawsuits and can drastically affect the outcome of any civil or criminal suit. It is recommended that everyone find an accident attorney after they have been in a serious car accident in order to protect their assets and family. And, if you have been severely injured in an accident, personal injury lawyers can help to get you the justice that you deserve.

Some attorneys work on a wide variety of legal cases and are able to represent you in any case that you need, whether it is a foreclosure, divorce, or car accident. These lawyers are generally easier to find and there may be several in your area that will be able to help you. While these attorneys will be able to help navigate through the legal tape, it is usually better to find a lawyer that specializes just in car accident cases. These car accident attorneys work on car crash cases regularly and know all of the details involved with winning a case. They may also have special knowledge of accidents and have extra resources to call on if the case is especially difficult.

When hiring a lawyer, it is best to look online or use the Yellow Pages in your local area to find a car accident lawyer that will properly represent you. If there are several law offices in your area, feel free to shop around to find the attorney that best fits with your personality. It is important to find someone that you can work closely with for an extended period of time at a reasonable price.
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