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Truck Accidents Insurance Coverage Lawyer

Most truck accidents involve serious injury and death. A typical rig can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Occupants of a 4,000-pound passenger car have little chance of escaping severe damage on impact with such a big rig. More info on this website

Given the severe injury potential of large commercial vehicles, the minimum insurance required for commercial trucks over 10,000 pounds and subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations is $750,000.

Our experience has been that trucking companies carry at least $1 million in primary coverage, and most companies with more than a few trucks carry an additional umbrella policy.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations specify more comprehensive insurance policies for trucks carrying hazardous material and commercial passenger vehicles.

Given the propensity for severe injury and wrongful death arising from an 18-wheeler accident, most insurance companies that underwrite extensive trucker insurance policies have “quick response teams” on the accident site within 24 hours.

The purpose of such teams is to gather information helpful in their defense of a wrongful death or severe injury lawsuit.

The insurance company’s defense of truck accident cases frequently centers on efforts to shift responsibility from the truck driver or his company to the injured party or other third parties.

Don’t let the trucker’s insurance company shift responsibility to you or a loved one you’ve lost! Get our experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible to investigate and find and preserve critical evidence before the insurance company gets its hands on it.


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The Real Consequences of Texas Tort Reform
If you have been involved in an automobile or 18-wheeler accident in Texas, then you may have several questions you need to be answered relating to responsibility and compensation.

If my family and I were victims in an automobile accident, would I be required to use my insurance to pay for medical and property damage expenses?
Hopefully not; if the other driver has insurance ticketed by the police that would demonstrate he or she may have been negligent in causing the accident, then his or her insurance company should be responsible for covering the reasonable cost of medical expenses and car repairs. More info on this website

Sometimes, however, in Texas, insurance companies are now highly aggressive and often deny legitimate claims and force litigation in part because of the rights stripped from Texas families with “tort reform.”

In other situations, some large, well-known insurers take such outrageous positions that an innocent victim can not settle his or her clear liability claim. They are made either to accept an absurd lowball insurance company settlement offer or hire a personal injury lawyer.

The real adverse consequences of Texas tort reform have been that insurers now routinely force families to file lawsuits on explicit liability claims, which is an injustice to the victims and also to the negligent person who now gets sued because his or her insurer required a lawsuit to be fair on the claim. Some insurers use “employee” attorneys to keep their costs down and profit high, and many take steps to make sure that the litigation is as costly to bring as possible to the injured victim. Often hiring bogus medical professionals to run up the lawsuit cost to the innocent victim.

There are now several frivolous claims in lawsuits in Texas, and the vast majority of them are frivolous defenses by the insurance companies in litigation only because of their unfair and bad faith claims handling practices that forced into court a matter that should have been settled.
Other states have taken some of the wells-to-know insurers (who reap huge profits in Texas) to court, reduced the outrageous premiums sought, and required changes in their claims-handling practices to protect their state’s families.
Unfortunately, for families in the Lone Star State, in Texas, it does not appear that anyone is trying anything to protect our families from the insurance company abuses we now see every day.

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Our team of experienced trial attorneys, paralegals, nurse paralegals, and top-notch investigators litigate complex cases involving serious personal injury and wrongful death litigation against powerful companies and well-funded insurance companies, with teams of their own attorneys at their disposal. Our trial attorneys have the courtroom experience and knowledge necessary to effectively help our clients in cases against these large national corporations and insurance companies. Injuries sustained in truck accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, boating collisions, swimming pool accidents, dog bites, trips and falls, product liability, and medical malpractice often result in long-term disabilities, pain and suffering, large medical bills, and lost wages.accident attorneys Our trial attorneys understand the impact of severe injuries on individuals and their families. We work with our clients and keep them informed and involved throughout each case stage. Maintaining open communication is essential to any relationship – especially when our clients have entrusted us with helping them receive compensation due to injuries sustained in accidents and medical malpractice. More on this website

Protecting Your Rights

Most people don’t realize that some crash injuries may take days or weeks to become evident. An insurance claims adjuster will often attempt to settle an auto, truck, bus, boat, or motorcycle accident claim within a day or two after the incident. This is why it is critical not to agree to anything or provide written or recorded statements to insurers until you have spoken with an experienced personal injury attorney. Our experienced and compassionate trial attorneys understand the law. They will act to protect your rights, whether you were in an SUV rollover, injured by an airbag, involved in a boat collision, or injured by a drunk driver. We will review in detail all the facts of your accident case, conduct our own investigation using top-notch investigators, expert accident deconstructionists, and physicians, and work proactively to recover financial compensation for you.

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